Coast Guard Beach: Then and Now

Coast Guard Beach - When?

An aerial shot of Coast Guard Beach – Circa _____?


Eastham, MA has some of the best beaches in the country. The sand is soft and clean, and the water a stunning azure blue under a brilliant sky. Gulls call to each other overhead while kids laughingly run into and out of the white crested rolling surf. Over time the beaches of Cape Cod, especially on the ocean side, has been eroded by the storms and tide. While going through the archives here at Hopper Real Estate and Outer Cape Rentals, this photo was found. It does not have a date on it, so knowing exactly when it was taken is hard to say.  However, it does show the road and parking area that used to be at Coast Guard Beach many years ago. The gallery of photos below are from this past summer. If you happen to know about when the aerial shot of Coast Guard beach was taken, please let us know. As it is, just looking at the piece of history from then and what the beach looks like now shows this ever evolving but very lovely place on Cape Cod.





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