When Robins Roost


North American Robin

Have you noticed them lately? They’re in packs of 20+ and roaming the Cape in flurries of chirping feathers. The ever lovely North American Robin, harbinger of Spring! At the offices of Hopper Real Estate ~ Outer Cape Rentals, the yard has been full of them. Their avid attention spent looking for things to eat as they hop a few times, cock their heads quickly and stare at the ground. What are they looking for? Worms! At first thought one would think of getting a bag of wild bird seed to feed them. However, after looking on the net and reading up on their habits, it seems that these lovely bearers of Spring would enjoy fruit, both fresh and frozen, to eat.

What kinds of fruit? Here’s a quick list of fruits and other things they would love:

Fruits Worms and Meals
  • apple slices
  • raisins
  • blueberries
  • raspberries
  • strawberries
  • cherries
  • currants
  • meal worms*
  • earth worms*
  • red worms*

* If you choose any of these a heated dog dish is a good suggestion to make sure that they don’t freeze.


Robins are very thirsty birds. Small shallow baths or pools with mud to make their nests is perfect. Also, a warm bird is a clean bird.

Warning – Bird Puns: One thing is for sure. With the Robins returning, Spring is still coming! We just have to duck a few more storms that fowl winds blow our way before it can perch on the Cape to nest.

Top 10 Items to Take on Summer Vacation

With the Polar Vortex, snow and cold, why not take a moment to look ahead to something that is worth looking forward to. Your summer vacation on Cape Cod! The warm sun, late night ice cream runs and the sound of the ocean’s crisp waves running up on the soft sandy beaches. Anytime is a good time to start planning. Are you ready? If not here is a list of things that you may want to bring with you.

10. Activities and snacks for the trip. Even if it’s just a quick jaunt from Boston down to the Cape, the traffic can be wide range of paces from a fast run over the bridges to a seemingly endless backup. It pays to plan ahead with some extra drinks, water and snacks to appease your fellow travelers. 

9. Reservation directions and instructions. You know what house you are renting for your Cape Cod Summer Rental. You’ve looked them all over and found the Perfect one just right for the summer vacation. Did you remember the directions to the Hopper Real Estate ~ Outer Cape Rental? How about instructions with your Reservation Confirmation? Put those in a safe place, they’re like Printed Gold!

8. Linens and bed things. Most of the homes do not have linens for you to use. You can rent them from a trusted service nearby or you can bring your own. These plans should be set before you start out. If you have any questions on this, please call us! We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

7. Sunscreen and insect repellent. Lets nip those two fun spoilers in the bud. Sunscreen is a must have. You love your skin but so does the sun. If you go without the sunscreen, you might not love your skin very much. To top that off, mosquitoes and other bugs love you. As nice a sentiment that is, it’s not normally a returned feeling. Make sure to keep the insect repellent handy for those times. 

6. Camera / Video Camera with charger and batteries. Get ready to have a great time! Part of that is saving the memories for looking back at, like times like this when the snow has piled up and the wind is bone chilling cold. How much fun is it to look back at those great photos and videos, just the memory is enough to warm you from the inside out. That’s something we all need right now.

5. Cell Phone and charger. Beaches do not have phones. The Cape Cod Bike Trail does not have a phone. Not all the homes have phones, so make sure to bring your own. 

4. Individual Toiletries Kits. What you might need, may not be what another needs. Make it a personal touch and pack a toiletry bag for each person. 

3. Cool, comfortable clothing and foot wear. It’s time to relax, save the suits and business clothes for home. It’s time for the “how to keep” cool and “what ever I feel most comfortable” in wear. Flip-flops are not just a fashion statement, they are the “I’m on vacation!” statement. However, please remember that time honored tradition : “No shirt, No Shoes, No Service.”

2. Beach wear, swimsuit and hat. You have your clothes to wear while not on the beach, but do you really need them? It’s Summer! Grab a hat and sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes, some beach towels and your swim suit. 

1. Sense of Humor. Not all things go as planned. Remember to make the most of your time, breathe, relax, you’re on vacation! You’re at your Cape Cod Home.

Summer Vacation is calling, start planning yours! 

Top 5 Eastham Spring Things

5. Warmer weather. 

4. No snow.

3. Trees and plants turning green again.

2. Putting the snow shovel away!

1. Summer vacations on the beach are coming!


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