Nauset Light Goes Au Naturel

Nauset Light Beach has stepped back in time to when there were no stairs to the beach. In the past few years the National Seashore beaches in Eastham have been the hardest hit by erosion from storms. In 2015 eighteen feet of sandy bluff was lost from Nauset Light Beach and an additional ten feet was lost in 2016.  Instead of continually replacing the tall wooden staircase to the beach that wash away every winter, the decision was made to remove the stairs and create a walking path similar to the one at neighboring Coast Guard Beach. In October of 2017 the bathhouse, restrooms, and stairs were demolished and a winding sloping path the length of two football fields began. The bathhouse and restrooms will eventually be rebuilt but for now Nauset Light Beach is back to nature.

Take a walk this summer down the new path to Nauset Light Beach, Eastham, MA and enjoy the splendor of the constantly changing landscape of Cape Cod’s National Seashore. Hopper Real Estate currently has many prime weeks for rent in Eastham so call 508-255-3560, email us, or visit us online to book your vacation on the Outer Cape.


Top 5 Eastham Spring Things

5. Warmer weather. 

4. No snow.

3. Trees and plants turning green again.

2. Putting the snow shovel away!

1. Summer vacations on the beach are coming!


Cape Cod Beaches



Top 5 Places to Visit in Eastham (Ones that you always meant to, but haven’t)

#5.  Cove Burying Ground. This is the site of the original Congregational Church in Nauset(later named Eastham). Buried there are several of the Mayflower passengers; Lt. Joesph Rogers, Constance Hopkins and Giles Hopkins. How times have changed!

#4. Sunrise/Sunset at Fort Hill Rural Historical District. Riddled with walking paths that take you through some of the loveliest marshes before taking you to the shore, Fort Hill is a quiet out of the way area that is not to be missed.

#3. The 1869 Schoolhouse Museum. A one room schoolhouse that was in service until 1936 now a museum with “hands on” desk and books of the era to look over the Schoolhouse hosts many facets of the daily town life.

#2. Eastham Windmill. The oldest and last working grismill on Cape Cod, the Eastham Windmill was built Plymouth in 1680. It was moved to Truro. Lovely restored and maintained it’s only open from July – August.

Salt Pond Vistor Center

#1. Salt Pond Visitor Center.

Museum, movies, hiking trails, biking trails, spectacular sights, great parking! The list goes on and on.  There is so much to do and see! Make sure that you stop by and visit this great center of information about Cape Cod and it’s natural beauty.

Coast Guard Beach: Then and Now

Coast Guard Beach - When?

An aerial shot of Coast Guard Beach – Circa _____?


Eastham, MA has some of the best beaches in the country. The sand is soft and clean, and the water a stunning azure blue under a brilliant sky. Gulls call to each other overhead while kids laughingly run into and out of the white crested rolling surf. Over time the beaches of Cape Cod, especially on the ocean side, has been eroded by the storms and tide. While going through the archives here at Hopper Real Estate and Outer Cape Rentals, this photo was found. It does not have a date on it, so knowing exactly when it was taken is hard to say.  However, it does show the road and parking area that used to be at Coast Guard Beach many years ago. The gallery of photos below are from this past summer. If you happen to know about when the aerial shot of Coast Guard beach was taken, please let us know. As it is, just looking at the piece of history from then and what the beach looks like now shows this ever evolving but very lovely place on Cape Cod.





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