Cape Cod Wild Turkey

Traffic jams in Eastham are pretty rare in the middle of the winter. However occasionally they are caused by one of the great comeback stories of the Cape. Like coyotes, seals, and great white sharks the wild turkey has not only repopulated the Cape, but is thriving. Their reemergence on the Cape is not by accident. They were purposefully reintroduced in the late 80s and early 90s at Camp Edwards and the National Seashore as part of a larger effort to bring the wild turkey back to Massachusetts whose population was annihilated in the mid 19th century. Twenty-five years later turkey sightings are now very common. These large birds that range from 9 to 24 pounds move in large groups on the ground and often cause standstill traffic as they travel across roads. Even though there is a hunting season for these birds on the Cape they have become accustomed to living in a densely populated area and have very little fear of humans. Most residents have a story about turkeys traveling through their yards or being attracted to reflective surfaces like the sides of their cars. So while the white shark gets all the media attention, it is the wild turkey that you are most likely to spot on your Cape Cod vacation.

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